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The history – Charm Group


Dragoș Costea is the owner and CEO of Charm Group. His journey in entrepreneurship began as a student in Economics, during which he proved himself as a hard working young man in entertainment business. After graduation, Mr. Costea worked as a junior salesman at Grawe, a major insurance corporation. Due to his achievements he later got promoted as Team Leader, Area Manager and Regional Manager at Grawe, leading a staff of over 1.800 employees.
At the peak of his insurance business career, Dragoș Costea has decided that it was time to try something different. He left his executive position in order to begin a new endeavor in livecam industry, a choice that many considered inappropriate at the time. Therefore, the story of Charm Group begins in 2009 with the establishment of Charm Studio, the first company in this industry managed by a former corporatist.
Despite many doubters, his challenge to do things in a different way proved to be right. His ability to build an efficient organization, the knowledge to motivate people and his sense of integrity represents the pillars of Charm Group success. Obviously, the 2.800.000$ turnover is the ultimate evidence of this achievement.
Nowadays, Charm Studios continues to be the benchmark of professionalism in Romanian livecam industry. In addition, as a result of a dynamic style of management, the company is growing steadily. Charm Group has added four more studios to its crown, all of them located in downtown Bucharest: Allure, Manequeen, Tandress and Pritti, being powered by more than 150 models.
Faithful to his belief in business partnerships based on good personal relationships, Mr. Costea is a constant presence at all the major events of the livecam industry world. Whether it is a summit in Barcelona, Prague or Las Vegas, he is eager to know all the novelties as well as having the chance to meet all his friends in the industry. For the near future, Charm Group will finish a major rebranding and investment process that will enforce its status as “The heart of livechat” in Romania.
As a private man, Dragoș Costea is a passionate luxury watch collector and has a taste for fine tailored clothing. But the greatest accomplishment of his life is being a happily married man and father of a wonderful daughter.

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