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Your livechat dear team
Tandress is the most welcoming and serious livechat studio in Bucharest. Located in the heart of Bucharest, Tandress is recognized for the exceptional quality of its team. The nine women fully engaged in management and technical support activities form a united group with solid human values. This provides an incredible working atmosphere, which is highly appreciated by all models. Furthermore, through staff dedication, the girls receive the best training in the industry.
After a recent refurbishment of all work spaces, Tandress offers excellent conditions for great results and high performance. Through superior training, the models are able to eventually earn above the average income of models from any other livechat studio in Bucharest. At the same time, the team spirit provides immediate solutions to all small technical problems, hence contributing to financial performance of all 30 models.
Along with the renovation of all workrooms, Charm Group management has also invested in the best technical features at Tandress. The studio is equipped with the latest computers, webcams and professional lighting, which assures a direct impact on the earnings of the models. Additionally, the work shifts, all the payments and all tax documents are managed through a special software customized for each model.
Furthermore, Tandress has a strong commitment for seriousness, which guarantees a relaxing environment for its employees. The core value of Allure is total respect for women. Each girl is treated with courtesy and kindness, like a member of a great family. This culture of friendliness generates a constant state of well-being among models, who become motivated in making more money.
Adress: Piața Unirii Str, Bucharest, Romania
Phone: +40.763.100.101

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