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Sweet and ambitious livechat studio
Pritti is the newest and most courageous project of Charm Group. The studio celebrates the true natural beauty of women. Thus, in a livechat industry obsessed with physical standards, Pritti makes available the job in livechat modeling for many more women than any other studio. Adopting the slogan “Nice is Perfect”, Pritti states that every woman can have this kind of job just by using and value her personal charm, which is more than worth it.
At the same time, the studio benefits from a specialized training experience achieved by Charm Group. Through a competent and patient instruction, the Pritti team offers the opportunity to each new model for a rapid evolution. Therefore, the focus is very much on ambition and self-confidence that all the models should have.
To stress the openness of the studio, Pritti unexpectedly rewards models who manage to reach their targets. The girls who manage to make steady progress on the job receive tickets to music concerts in Bucharest or are given nice elegant dresses. There is also a day dedicated to surprises which is called Cute Day, during which the manager offers cakes and ice cream from the best cake shops in Bucharest.
The studio is well organized due to the knowledge of the manager and his great experience in banking. Thus, all internal processes from Pritti, from hiring to accounting and payment system, are accurate and efficient. Also, all female employees’ rights and legality are known and respected to the smallest detail, in accordance to corporate standards.
Adress: Lanariei Str, Bucharest, Romania
Phone: +40.758.102.102


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