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The studio of absolute elegance
Manequeen is the latest project of Charm Group and the standard for luxury in livechat. The studio is dedicated to every girl who wants to feel as a fashion model at work. Famous for its gorgeous rooms and stylish decoration, Manequeen is best described by its slogan: “The studio of absolute elegance”. This motto emphasizes a new approach to livechat modeling, which is regarded as a perfectly desirable job.
By focusing on beauty and mainstream entertainment, Manequeen gives the utmost confidence for all of its girls that they are bright and beautiful people that deserve respect. In this regard, every employer is very polite and ready to help them at all times.
As a celebration of elegance, the studio offers its models bonuses from the world of fashion each month. Every girl is motivated to reach their financial targets by beautiful bags, luxury dresses and high class stiletto shoes. The cult for elegance is reflected not only in material goods but also in human values. Manequeen has a culture of respect for every person, promoting benevolence and self-esteem among all its employees.
The studio is located in downtown Bucharest, in a superb villa with 9 livechat rooms. It has 25 models and a staff of 9 women fully dedicated to technical support. By promoting elegance and gentleness, Manequeen initiates a new type of livechat studios that shapes a different approach for the entire entertainment industry.
Adress: Oitelor Str., Bucharest, Romania
Phone: +40.764.123.123

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