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The professional livechat
Charm Studios is the core of Charm Group, the first and most important part of this company. Over the years it has become famous among livechat studios in Bucharest through strong commitment for honesty and innovation. Managed by a team of people with solid corporate background, Charm Studios is now the benchmark in our industry. This is the reason why the slogan of the company is: “The professional livechat studio”, a bold statement for its efficiency and profitability.
The quality of the management is enhanced by a complex software especially tailored for livechat. This feature alone brings predictability and order in all financial aspects. Every model can easily check their income and pay taxes with minimum effort. Furthermore, it is a very useful tool for transparent accountancy that eliminates a large part of bureaucratic burden.
At Charm Studios, the knowledge and dedication of the trainers is of utmost importance for the success of the models. On top of this, an attractive commissions system is a very strong argument to motivate the girls. Furthermore, they can enjoy a relaxing environment at work, due to politeness and good care of all employers. All the efforts put into management’s efficiency is accompanied by a significant investment in technology. Charm Studios has the most advanced high-definition webcams and computers available on the market and a skillful team of 13 people for technical support available 24/7. Today Charm Studios has 45 livechat models who are working in 13 rooms.
Adress: Dr. Raureanu Str, Bucharest, Romania
Phone: +40.721.707.080

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