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Exclusive home of feminity
Allure is the livechat studio that offers its models a real world of womanhood. All the facilities are specifically designed to create a friendly atmosphere of complete comfort. At the same time, the technical staff consists only of women, which strengthens the feeling of safety and relaxation. These are the reasons why Allure is best represented by the slogan “Exclusive home of feminity”.
To emphasize the feeling of friendship, Allure offers to all female employees unexpected prizes. Apart from the cash bonuses, models who meet certain requirements will eventually receive Ikea vouchers to shop for their own homes. Furthermore, Allure contributes financially in buying the most beautiful wedding dresses for the girls who wish to raise a family.
Beyond the celebration of feminity, Allure models enjoy other great benefits. Given the fact that the studio is located in the middle of Bucharest, just a few minutes away from the most important transport routes in the city, the girls can easily come to work. This is also facilitated by the adoption of a flexible work schedule for models. Simultaneously, all the income of the girls is managed by a special software, which ensures efficiency and transparency of the accounting operations.
As a studio that places great value on respect and understanding towards women, Allure is a champion of discretion in livechat. Confidentiality is guaranteed by a labor contract, and all employment rights are also ensured under Romanian and European legislation. Lastly, Allure is a studio that always encourages its female employees to outperform themselves and to earn as much money as every successful woman deserves.
Adress: Dr. Raureanu Str, Bucharest, Romania
Phone: +40.761.000.080

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