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The professional livecam
Charm Studios is the core of Charm Group, the first and most important part of this company. Over the years it has become famous among livecam studios in Bucharest through strong commitment for honesty and innovation. Managed by a team of people with solid corporate background, Charm Studios is now the benchmark in our industry. This is the reason why the slogan of the company is: “The professional livechat studio”, a bold statement for its efficiency and profitability.
The quality of the management is enhanced by a complex software especially tailored for livecam industry. This feature alone brings predictability and order in all financial aspects. Every model can easily check their income and pay taxes with minimum effort. Furthermore, it is a very useful tool for transparent accountancy that eliminates a large part of bureaucratic burden.
At Charm Studios, the knowledge and dedication of the trainers is of utmost importance for the success of the models. On top of this, an attractive commissions system is a very strong argument to motivate the girls. Furthermore, they can enjoy a relaxing environment at work, due to politeness and good care of all employers. All the efforts put into management’s efficiency is accompanied by a significant investment in technology. Charm Studios has the most advanced high-definition webcams and computers available on the market and a skillful team of 13 people for technical support available 24/7. Today Charm Studios has 45 livecam models who are working in 13 rooms.
Adress: Dr. Raureanu Str, Bucharest, Romania
Phone: +40.721.707.080
The studio of absolute elegance
Manequeen is the latest project of Charm Group and the standard for luxury in livecam industry. The studio is dedicated to every girl who wants to feel as a fashion model at work. Famous for its gorgeous rooms and stylish decoration, Manequeen is best described by its slogan: “The studio of absolute elegance”. This motto emphasizes a new approach to livechat modeling, which is regarded as a perfectly desirable job.
By focusing on beauty and mainstream entertainment, Manequeen gives the utmost confidence for all of its girls that they are bright and beautiful people that deserve respect. In this regard, every employer is very polite and ready to help them at all times.
As a celebration of elegance, the studio offers its models bonuses from the world of fashion each month. Every girl is motivated to reach their financial targets by beautiful bags, luxury dresses and high class stiletto shoes. The cult for elegance is reflected not only in material goods but also in human values. Manequeen has a culture of respect for every person, promoting benevolence and self-esteem among all its employees.
The studio is located in downtown Bucharest, in a superb villa with 9 livecam rooms. It has 25 models and a staff of 9 women fully dedicated to technical support. By promoting elegance and gentleness, Manequeen initiates a new type of livecam studios that shapes a different approach for the entire entertainment industry.
Adress: Oitelor Str., Bucharest, Romania
Phone: +40.764.123.123
Exclusive home of feminity
Allure is the livecam studio that offers its models a real world of womanhood. All the facilities are specifically designed to create a friendly atmosphere of complete comfort. At the same time, the technical staff consists only of women, which strengthens the feeling of safety and relaxation. These are the reasons why Allure is best represented by the slogan “Exclusive home of feminity”.
To emphasize the feeling of friendship, Allure offers to all female employees unexpected prizes. Apart from the cash bonuses, models who meet certain requirements will eventually receive Ikea vouchers to shop for their own homes. Furthermore, Allure contributes financially in buying the most beautiful wedding dresses for the girls who wish to raise a family.
Beyond the celebration of feminity, Allure models enjoy other great benefits. Given the fact that the studio is located in the middle of Bucharest, just a few minutes away from the most important transport routes in the city, the girls can easily come to work. This is also facilitated by the adoption of a flexible work schedule for models. Simultaneously, all the income of the girls is managed by a special software, which ensures efficiency and transparency of the accounting operations.
As a studio that places great value on respect and understanding towards women, Allure is a champion of discretion in livecam industry. Confidentiality is guaranteed by a labor contract, and all employment rights are also ensured under Romanian and European legislation. Lastly, Allure is a studio that always encourages its female employees to outperform themselves and to earn as much money as every successful woman deserves.
Adress: Dr. Raureanu Str, Bucharest, Romania
Phone: +40.762.508.000
Your livecam dear team
Tandress is the most welcoming and serious livecam studio in Bucharest. Located in the heart of Bucharest, Tandress is recognized for the exceptional quality of its team. The nine women fully engaged in management and technical support activities form a united group with solid human values. This provides an incredible working atmosphere, which is highly appreciated by all models. Furthermore, through staff dedication, the girls receive the best training in the industry.
After a recent refurbishment of all work spaces, Tandress offers excellent conditions for great results and high performance. Through superior training, the models are able to eventually earn above the average income of models from any other livecam studio in Bucharest. At the same time, the team spirit provides immediate solutions to all small technical problems, hence contributing to financial performance of all 30 models.
Along with the renovation of all workrooms, Charm Group management has also invested in the best technical features at Tandress. The studio is equipped with the latest computers, webcams and professional lighting, which assures a direct impact on the earnings of the models. Additionally, the work shifts, all the payments and all tax documents are managed through a special software customized for each model.
Furthermore, Tandress has a strong commitment for seriousness, which guarantees a relaxing environment for its employees. The core value of Allure is total respect for women. Each girl is treated with courtesy and kindness, like a member of a great family. This culture of friendliness generates a constant state of well-being among models, who become motivated in making more money.
Adress: Piața Romana Str, Bucharest, Romania
Phone: +40.727.555.655
Sweet and ambitious livecam studio
Pritti is the newest and most courageous project of Charm Group. The studio celebrates the true natural beauty of women. Thus, in a livecam industry obsessed with physical standards, Pritti makes available the job in livecam modeling for many more women than any other studio. Adopting the slogan “Nice is Perfect”, Pritti states that every woman can have this kind of job just by using and value her personal charm, which is more than worth it.
At the same time, the studio benefits from a specialized training experience achieved by Charm Group. Through a competent and patient instruction, the Pritti team offers the opportunity to each new model for a rapid evolution. Therefore, the focus is very much on ambition and self-confidence that all the models should have.
To stress the openness of the studio, Pritti unexpectedly rewards models who manage to reach their targets. The girls who manage to make steady progress on the job receive tickets to music concerts in Bucharest or are given nice elegant dresses. There is also a day dedicated to surprises which is called Cute Day, during which the manager offers cakes and ice cream from the best cake shops in Bucharest.
The studio is well organized due to the knowledge of the manager and his great experience in banking. Thus, all internal processes from Pritti, from hiring to accounting and payment system, are accurate and efficient. Also, all female employees’ rights and legality are known and respected to the smallest detail, in accordance to corporate standards.
Adress: Lanariei Str, Bucharest, Romania
Phone: +40.758.102.102


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