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Philosophy – Charm Group


Our business culture

Charm Group is the first livechat company in Romania where all the activity revolves around corporate management standards. Through this model of work organization, livechat becomes credible and serious as any other kind of business. Being fully respectful towards models and collaborators has been the basis on the belief that everyone deserves a chance to provide themselves a better life.
The company promotes absolute lawfulness, appreciation for feminity and supports work rewarding accordingly to merits. Due to corporate experience of its managers, Charm Group invests in work trainings aimed at personal motivation an improvements of employees. Therefore, it is not by accident that Charm Group became no. 1 in specialized livechat training in Bucharest.
This business and life philosophy is also shared every day to each livechat model. They are encouraged to carefully manage their earnings, to study and to spread kindness around them. It is one of the reasons why Charm Group models are very loyal to the company and happy to make money in the best livechat studios in Bucharest.

Code of conduct

Charm Group has a moral guide that is essential for the success of the company:
  • Respect for the dignity of every person
  • Promoting decency and common sense both at work and in private life
  • Ensuring full discretion to personal information of the models
  • Constant learning and searching for new information about livechat
  • Constant specialized support in ensuring the success of the models
  • Complete financial transparency
  • Compliance with all labor legislation
  • Promoting free spirit and the joy of well-being
  • Carefully listen to the opinions of the staff
  • Harmony and tolerance in the workplace


Relationships with external partners

Since the beginning of Charm Group, CEO Dragos Costea developed and promoted excellent personal relationships with members from the business livechat community. Building up collaborations based on mutual respect and desire for success, Charm Group succeeded in developing solid and profitable partnerships with major companies in this field. This achievement has a very positive influence on both the company and especially on the earnings of livechat models.
The success of this business model has been acknowledged with renowned prizes. Charm Studios has won “The Best BBW Model Of The Year” and “The Best Emerging Studio of the Year” at Live Cam Awards, in Barcelona, 2015. Furthermore, it is the winner of “Best Live Cam Studio” and “The Best BBW Model Of The Year”, at LCA, Barcelona, 2016.

The window display of Charm Group is one of the most powerful weapons in their arsenal of tools, to stand out from the competition.

Below are some of our awards. We look forward to grow up this list as the years goes by.
  • 2015 – Live Cam Awards – „Best Emerging Live Cam Studio”
  • 2015 – Live Cam Awards – „Best BBW Live Cam Model”
  • 2016 – Live Cam Awards – „Best Live Cam Studio”
  • 2016 – YNOT Awards – „Best Emerging Cam Studio ManeQueen”
  • 2016 – Live Cam Awards – „Best BBW Live Cam Model”
  • 2016 – AW Awards – „ManeQueen – Best Emerging Studio of the Year”
  • 2016 – AW Awards – „Best Smile – Arianna Eden”
  • 2016 – LaLexpo – „Best Romanian Cam Studio”
  • 2017 – Live Cam Awards – „Hall of Fame”
  • 2017 - Bucharest Summit - „Cam Studio of the Year”
  • 2017 - Bucharest Summit - „Romanian Cam Studio of the Year”
  • 2017 - AWSummit - „Most Attractive Girl”
  • 2017 - AWSummit - „Social Media Star”
  And, if we are talking about external partners, we have to remind about Studio Videochat Iasi, LuckyStudio.

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