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Charm Group Wins Hall Of Fame at Live Cam Awards

Charm Group Wins Hall Of Fame at Live Cam Awards

Live Cam Awards, 2017

At the third edition of Live Cam Awards, in Barcelona, Sitges, during the European Summit, Charm Group has received the biggest award!

The window display of Charm Group is one of the most powerful weapons in their arsenal of tools, to stand out from the competition. Charm Group obtains, once again, what they want. The name of the trophy is ”Hall Of Fame” and it makes the difference!

Live Cam Awards is already at the third edition and is the very first celebration completely dedicated to the live cam industry. This edition was the most competitive on its history, with more than 300 participants from all around the world and with the highest number of prizes. Therefore, the people from the industry of camming admitted and have awarded Charm Group twice: first of all with ”Hall Of Fame” and secondly with their model Kim Roberts, for ”Best BBW Live Cam Model”.

”This awesome award is dedicated to the whole team from tip to tip, from models, to trainers, to Marketing team and managers. I am so proud of my team”, said Dragos Costea, CEO of Charm Group.
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